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What's all this about?

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Hey, I'm really glad you're here!

As far as blogs for dads go, there are a ton of them and I love them all. As far as blogs for dads who want to get a grip on their situation goes, that, my friends, is my niche! So I'm glad you found me and I hope that all of my sweat, tears, and broken toe can be of some use to you in your life no matter where you are in it.


Here's what you can expect from me starting with this post:

  • Integrity and inclusion

  • Short easy articles

  • Useful information based on research and experience

  • Ideas and tips that are realistic

  • Accessibility features (for those who can't see well, who have ADHD, and/or any other neurodivergent condition). I'm always looking for ideas for new features to offer so please contact me.

This site focuses on everyday parenting skills. My goal is to expose readers and members to parenting tips that are easy to read, digest, and implement. That means you're in, you're out, and you're doing! It is my hope that you level up from whatever point you're at, to become the best dad you can be because you're more confident and conscientious than ever before.

I'm going to curse sometimes! I use my natural speaking voice (non-excessively) to emphasize things and to remind us that fatherhood isn't a "stock photo" type of life. This shit's messy and no one should hold themselves to that expectation.

Regarding inclusion, it is not my concern what race, gender identity, faith, sexual orientation, or political inclinations anyone has. Each of us is capable of loving our kids and none of that impedes our ability to provide that love. I'm not yet sure of how some of these topics would come up anyway, but if it's a question you're itching to ask, please frame it in a constructive manner, and please be understanding and objective in your responses. Let me model that for you:

QUESTION: I'm a gay single dad. I'm nervous about getting out there and making new friends in my very conservative community. Do you guys have any tips that could help me make new friends?

RESPONSE: I'm a conservative Christian, but like everyone else, if you're friendly and our kids hit it off, why should it matter if we meet at a park?

In short, if you treat others with disrespect here, you're gone. No refunds. No goodbyes.

Website Features will include access to several features:

  • Blog (free)

  • Product listings (free)

  • Affiliates page (free)

  • Forum (with membership)

  • Learning programs (priced separately)

  • And let's see what else we come up with!


It's hard enough out there. Some of us are broke, depressed, angry, and/or stressed out. Forget the fees. Articles on the site are FREE to read. If you want to comment on articles and participate in forums, it's $12/year (payable monthly or annually. I recommend monthly so you're reminded to check in at least once a month).

This money helps me focus on growing what I offer on this site and on keeping the quality of your experience positive and worthwhile. I can't tell you how much your support is appreciated and what a difference it makes to me and to everyone I serve on this platform.

Learn more about me and this mission on the About page.

Keep it moving, dads.


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