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If you do a search for the reasons why men leave their kids, you'll find numerous sources that tell us that it has more to do with their self-perceptions, personal flaws, traumas, and even their relationships with the mother of their children. I haven't yet read a case where anyone just couldn't stand their newborn. This website empowers men with practical advice, stories, and resources to help them step up and shine as fathers. Because our kids are entitled to that, and our world is better when your best self makes fatherhood a priority.

I'm Tony. I failed in my marriage, but I am a father with primary custody of my children. My kids are healthy, focused on school, active in our church, and they participate in extracurricular activities. They go to counseling, and screentime is treated as a reward (not as a routine). We have structured time and free-play time. I help with homework, I play catch, and I kick soccer balls. We have family game nights, movie nights, and cleaning days. We have support systems in our neighborhood, town, and even out of state. You can ask anybody whose feelings I've hurt in the last five years: I don't play around with the intentionality with which I raise my kids. It's never perfect and I'm never perfect. But I do show up and I believe that you are here because you want to as well.


I believe that there are a lot of dads in this world that could use a lift - something that will give them the confidence they need to reprioritize and/or reorganize their lives in order to give the best of themselves to their babies and make this world a little better because of it.

On a final note, what you see here today is only a fraction of what this website will become. Bookmark us and stay tuned in for upcoming features. 

3 quick relevant things about me: 

  • I've been the primary caretaker for my kids for most of the last 10 years.

  • I just started pursuing a teaching career at 40.

  • I live with ADHD... and I suspect I suffer from anxiety as well.

  • And yes, I fucking yell sometimes.

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