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REVIEW, prepare, and let them keep their summer!

2023 Summer Tutoring for K-2 Students
Fayetteville, NC

Summer learning shouldn't feel like a task: it can be fun! It's summer after all, and kids need to be kids! Tutoring with me isn't sitting around doing tablework all the time. If she wants to learn while playing catch, let's do it! If he wants to learn using play dough, why not! I integrate students' interests with lessons that will reinforce what they've learned and prepare them for the upcoming school year. Lessons may include appropriate-level topics in reading, math, and functioning skills that are needed in the classroom: 


  • Phonics and Phonemic Awareness

  • Sight Words

  • Fluency

  • Comprehension

  • Oral Language Comprehension

  • Writing Structure


  • Addition & Subtraction Strategies

  • Word Problems

  • Skip Counting

  • Odd & Even Numbers

  • Number Sorting 

Motor Skills & Executive Function

  • Handwriting

  • Fine motor skills (including cutting and pasting)

  • Staying organized

  • Working Memory

  • Following Instructions (directed activities, drawing, etc)

A typical class will begin with 10 minutes of reviewing and warm-ups followed by 10 minutes of instruction. The remaining 20-25 minutes will be spent applying the lessons in a game, a sport, a hobby, or any other activity the student would like to do.​​



Math (K-2): 4 sessions/month for $120 OR $45/individual session (45 minutes)

Reading (K-2): 4 sessions/month for $120 OR $45/individual session (45 minutes)

Reading & Math (K-2): 8 sessions/month $220

Personal Website Development (high school students only):  $150/ 4 sessions

Getting Organized! (high school students only): $100/3 sessions

For questions and/or to register, click the button below or text/call 910-227-4909

Antonio Valcarcel, M.S. 

Mr. Valcarcel has a B.A. in Theatre and an M.S. in Digital Marketing. He is an educator, marketer, and advocate for community involvement in schools. He began his transition into education 3 years ago under an emergency teaching license at New Century Elementary School. In 21-22, he taught 2nd grade at Honeycutt Elementary School, transitioning in 22-23 into an Instructional Assistant position at the same school where he's worked with dozens of students in individual and small group settings, supporting their growth in both reading and math. 

Mr. Valcarcel believes that teaching is the dream he never knew he had, but it couldn't have come at a better time in life. After all, he's a dad, scout volunteer, and still loves to play and be active: at 40, there's still nothing like tumbling and running around in the grass!

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