Marketing Services


Every year, money goes out the window as you try new marketing products and invest in conferences that make little or no impact. Don't start another fiscal year without a marketing plan. A marketing plan will keep you and your team focused on the mission and provide options when tactics fall short.  


Using your website simply as a place to send people to is like leasing an office space in the basement of a building with no directory. Our website services cover the full spectrum of possibilities from small startup businesses who "just want a website" to established ones looking for measurable results.


If you had to choose between buying a car from a stranger or buying a car from a trusted source, which would you prefer? That's the value of branding. Logos, colors, fonts, and taglines are all components of it, but the true impact of your brand is in the heart of the beholder. Let us help you define it.


Whether you're uploading videos to YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn, first impressions affect your placement and exposure. Buy yourself more time with your audience with an animated 5-20 second video introduction. Your video marketing ROI will quickly thank you for your investment.


Nothing undersells you and your business more than telling people what you do. Don't ever again tell anybody what you do! Tell them how you are making a positive impact on people's lives. And if you can't tell them face-to-face, tell them with a 2-4 minute micro-video.


Sure, it's "free" when you do it unless you factor in your time. And with business posts only being put in front of 3% of your Page followers, are basic posts really giving you the ROI you're looking for? Buy back your time and let us manage your social media accounts. 


There is value in podcasting for some businesses. Sometimes a podcast is the business you simply have in mind. Whatever the vision is, lean in and put your voice in the game! We will teach and help you to record, publish, and promote your new podcast! Packages are available.


This is not an area of expertise for us (just being upfront about it!), but our work is effective and it will help you get to the next milestone. What a sales pitch, right?! However, we do have a great network of graphic designers that specialize in a variety of styles and layouts. We're happy to connect you. 


Stories stick. One insightful story could make the difference next time an audience thinks of your organization, your business, or even your life. Journey Logging™ is a video summary of a day in the life of someone that is impacted by your work; a day in the life of an employee; or a day in the life of your own meaningful existence. We'll follow you anywhere to get that story.