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"Stop" and "No

Updated: Nov 12, 2022


The one thing that gets us most in trouble in life is not accepting the call to stop. Stop touching, stop talking, stop yelling, stop moving, stop buying, stop, stop, stop, stop! A child isn't in trouble when their teacher asks them to stop talking the first or second times. The situation, however, changes when the teacher is forced to take classroom or administrative action on them because they're continually disrupting the class: they didn't stop!

If you could help your child avoid making some of the mistakes you've made in life, wouldn't you want to?

The ability to accept, "Stop," and, "No," is an essential skill in my opinion. If we can keep our friends, stay out of trouble, and keep our jobs, we can live a life with much fewer distractions that may come from social rejection, legal troubles, and financial stress.