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Ideas For Video Marketing: I Did an Unboxing Video

I've had the conversation many times with my friend Dr. Wilkerson from "Video, video, video! You gotta do it!" We all know this, but we all put it off. Then we get in front of the camera and we freeze. We forget to use our words. "Um" and "you guys" are both suddenly unavoidable!

You know what? Forget this!

You move on to do another marketing task. Maybe something easy and safe like scheduling a few Facebook posts and retweeting a few things. Video can wait.

Well, wake up. Video cannot wait because YouTube is still the 2nd most popular search engine in the world! And it's still a huge SERP opportunity because it's widely untapped. What is video good for? Two main things:

  1. Research phase buyers

  2. High-impact engagement

If you think about the marketing funnel...

... you'll remember that there's a nifty little field of dreams that exists between Awareness and Evaluation. It's called "Interest"! And when you are "interested" in something, you do what? That's right! We look it up to learn more about it!

This is the most effective place for your video content to live because consumers are hungry for the knowledge only you can provide. And if you feed them the right balance of sweet, salt, sour, and bitterness, you will have a significant advantage come the evaluation phase.

"High Impact Engagement", what the heck is that? Well, I'll tell you right now, you can't really Google it. It's just a way of saying that a piece of marketing material (albeit video, brochure, images, website, social post, etc.) not only claims your audience's attention, but it also drives home the desired result at the end.

In video, the desired result is the next step you'd like the viewer to take. You'll likely use a call to action to literally tell people what to do next or you may play more subtly by claiming it as a public service announcement or something. But the more people take that next step, the better chance you'll have of converting them.

I digress.

So I made an unboxing video after helping an old friend out who lives in my hometown: Miami! (And yes, it really all just beaches and fun. You should visit sometime.).

Belinda Stohner is cofounder of HoBuCo - which runs When I first spoke with her, I was blown away by the simplicity, but beauty of the idea. Their business model was simple: (1) On-location storytelling told to live classical music; and (2) Sell their books (a read-a-long)!

Anyways, here's my video in case anyone's doing any research on the topic. And just so we're clear about what just happened: know what else you can do in the Interest phase of the marketing funnel?

  • Case Studies

  • Social Media

  • Newsletters

  • Webinars

  • .... and blog articles like the one you just read.

Hope you enjoy my first unboxing!