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Dad Foundations 2: Routines


You wake up, make your bed, have a glass of water.

You prepare your coffee, make breakfast, consume it , and brush your teeth.

You might take a shower if you didn't the night before.

You get dressed and make sure everything's in your bag.

Keys: check.

Phone: check.

Wallet: check.

Why am I telling you this? I'm telling you this because your kids want to have more fun. You need peace-of-mind and at least half a brain that's free to think about the task in front of you (not to mention the next five tasks that need to get done) instead of worrying about micromanaging everyone on all the crap they have to do every day anyways!

It’s so easy to hate life when you have to tell everyone what to do at all times of the day. That’s why our bosses get paid more than we do! Don’t hate.


We create routines for ourselves so we don't have to waste brain power and time on crap we have to do every single day. Below, I'm going to give you a glimpse into my home life. These are three check lists that I printed and posted for my kids for our morning routines. It helps my 9-year-old son stay on task while helping my 6-year-old daughter do the same as she masters some everyday words.




- Make your bed

- Get dressed

- Groom yourself

- Take medicine (if applicable)

- Eat breakfast

- Brush your teeth

- Tidy up your room

- Pack your bag

- Have some free time!

- Take-home folder

- School laptop

- Laptop charger

- Water bottle

- Lunchbox

- Library books

- DAD - Keys

- DAD - Wallet

- DAD - Phone


- Brush teeth

- Floss

- Bathe

- Brush your hair

- Rinse/Wash your face

- Deodorant (Ages 8+)


- Clip fingernail/toenails

- Clean your ears (Let dad do it!)

Tips: Either print the lists or write them in large bold letters. Here's one you can copy, edit, and print. Here's the PDF version.


Give your kids and yourself something to look forward to. As a reward, give them some free time in the morning without the stress of an irate dad. You will have a little extra peace as well as that feeling you get when your stop and realize your kids are doing something all by themselves. I've been doing this for three years. I started when my kids were 7 and 5. Nowadays, I'm the reason we're late.



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